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We give back to the community.

Andy’s philosophy is to give back. Or pay it forward. However you describe it, he believes in getting involved. He is on the Beach Events Steering Committee and serves on the board of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. You’ll also find a life-size dolphin sculpture at The Oceanfront Inn, part of the “Dolphin’s Promise” project, which is working to raise money for cancer research and to save and protect marine life through the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program.

Our Partners

We have selected these and other businesses in our area as our preferred partners.
Your consideration to patronize our partners is appreciated as a way to thank them for providing service to our business and our guests.

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Many of our preferred partners:
Chesapean Outdoors *
Croc’s 19th Street Bistro *
Doc Taylor’s
Java Surf Cafe and Espresso Bar
Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub *
Rockafellers Restaurant *
Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Tautog’s Restaurant *
Tempt Restaurant
Virginia Beach Horseback
Waterman’s Seaside Grill *

* Denotes our Virginia Green Partners

Visit our Attractions & Activities page for a listing of many other options.

Virginia Green Certification

The Oceanfront Inn is proud to be a participating Virginia Green Lodging member.
In our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment and conserve our natural resources, we use the following practices in our business:
Optional Linen Service
In our effort to conserve energy and water, we offer our guests the option to choose or not to choose to have the sheets and towels refreshed daily. 
We provide the opportunity to recycle when disposing of items in collection bins situated in guest rooms, guest hallways and staff offices. Please dispose of acceptable items only, as follows: cardboard, newspapers, office paper, magazines, catalogs, old forms/files, aluminum cans, foil/pie tins, steel/tins cans, plastic bottles (water, soda, juice and milk), glass bottles and jars (brown, clear and green). Unacceptable items are as follows: adhesives, paper plates and towels, coffee filters, plastics (other than bottles), napkins, Styrofoam, paper cups, tissue paper, food, containers and trash. Bins are collected by our maintenance staff regularly and deposited into our TFC recycling dumpster. TFC empties the dumpster on a regular schedule.
Water Conservation
We have installed water-saving showerheads and toilets. To assist our staff with leak detection, please report any leaks and be sure to turn off faucets completely after use.
Energy Conservation
We use LED Exit signs, and efficient heating and cooling.
Green Events
Recycling collection bins can be made available for any scheduled event. Special Offers patronizing Virginia Green-certified establishments may be periodically available.

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